Kordofal Taste Factory is located in El Obeid, the capital of North Kordofan State in central Sudan. Sudan is characterized by fertile lands suitable for growing various crops and trees, and it is covered by many forests. The factory’s goal is to process the fruits of forest trees and present them in the form of natural, organic products without any chemical additives, conforming to international standards and specifications.
Kordofal Taste Factory was established in 2008 and since then the factory has been experimenting with processing the fruits of forest trees and converting them into products ready for consumption. The factory obtained an audit from Ecocert, confirming the conformity of the harvesting, storage, manufacturing and packaging process to the specifications of organic materials, and obtained a certificate for the producers of baobab oil and baobab seed in December 2018. The factory is still continuing its quest to innovate the best ways to produce Grewia tenax Powder, Dom Powder, Sudanese Tamarindo Powder and Balanites seed oil. The factory also has other plans to find effective ways to produce other seedlings from the fruits of useful trees